Supporting the BMA in its political influencing

The British Medical Association

The British Medical Association (BMA) wanted to bring greater focus to its influencing activity in the lead up to the next general election. As a democratic body, decisions about its priorities must be driven by the views of its members. 

The BMA asked us to design and run a series of workshops to capture the views of its senior elected members on future influencing and campaigning priorities. 

Members needed to discuss and prioritise over 60 potential campaigning issues, but their diary pressures meant that this had to be done within two-hour sessions. 

It was a challenging brief, but Susannah and Selina helped us design a process that would focus our minds in a systematic way in a very short time. The work prompted important discussions within the BMA, and has helped move our thinking along significantly.
— Michelle Dixon Former Director of Communications

RandallFox worked with BMA members in advance of the sessions to identify the success factors in their previous influencing work. This helped us to develop a set of prioritisation criteria that would enable members to quickly isolate the issues where the BMA could make most impact on behalf of doctors. We ran a series of two-hour workshops where over 60 participants were able to apply these criteria, and then discussed their influencing priorities in the run up to the election.