A strategic approach = a step-change in profile and impact

The Churches Conservation Trust

The Churches Conservation Trust needed to build its profile to prepare for a tougher funding environment.

RandallFox was first asked to audit the Trust's communications. Our work included an assessment of existing skills and resources, and scoped best practice and opportunities within the heritage and tourism sectors. We also explored how visitors and donors perceived their cause and brand, and reviewed all of the Trust's communications activity and corresponding impact.

We wouldn’t recommend RandallFox to others – we’d prefer to keep them to ourselves.
— Crispin Truman, Former Chief Executive, Churches Conservation Trust

The recommendations arising from the audit gave the Trust the ability to initiate widespread changes in their communications structure and approach. We went on to support the Trust in the creation and implementation of their first organisation-wide communications strategy, a brand refresh and a transformation of their communications approach from an organisation relying heavily on print publications to one that was digital-first.

The Churches Conservation Trust's profile, visitor numbers and supporters grew dramatically following this investment. We have continued to advise the Trust on an ad-hoc basis over the years, and are proud to say that we feel part of the team.