A campaign to engage frontline staff

The Cabinet Office

The Cabinet Office had a major commitment to increase the number of vulnerable adults in homes and jobs. This meant engaging specific groups of frontline staff across six public services, and encouraging them to work more collaboratively with local community organisations, charities and social enterprises to meet these tough objectives.

RandallFox brings clarity and creativity to complex problems - many of their competitors promise this, but few can be relied upon to deliver so consistently.
— Jenny Grey Former Director of Communications Cabinet Office

Charged with pulling together the communications strategy, RandallFox commissioned research with frontline staff. This gave us the insights we needed to develop a campaign that would both inform and support them.

The campaign focused on what staff could achieve by working together more effectively. It inspired cross-sector networking events around the country, and prompted over 15,000 visits to a web site hosting practical tools for frontline professionals. Our research helped to ensure information on the site was well-targeted, with users spending eight minutes on average each time they visited the site.